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Organization of chess classes in the children's centers and educational institutions

The EduChess company is ready to cooperate with the children's centers in organization of chess lessons.


Why working with us?

Children centers

First, a specific method of teaching of the EduChess. Experienced teachers can find an individual approach to each child.

Very often teachers of children's sections can play chess, but can't teach others how to do it. As the result: children quickly lose desire to study and clients go away.

The teachers of our chess school teach with interest. The trainers who like their work, create a favorable atmosphere for training and discovering talents during the classes. Moreover, all our teachers are carefully chosen and have many professional achievements. Pupils will look forward to coming back to such classes.

Second, the EduChess is an official legal body which you can sign a contract with and not to worry about compliance with obligations. Being a specialized chess school, the EduChess will influence positively on the image of the children's center which signs the contract. Taking their children to the classes, parents often ask about experience and personal qualities of the teacher. You don't need be afraid of such questions with the EduChess. Answering that the teacher comes from a large chess school and has experience of training, your children's center will attract more pupils and will get positive reputation in the field of chess training.

Third, the teachers of the EduChess give classes according to the uniquely developed method which allows pupils not only developing logical thinking, learning more about the chess world, but also achieving results. The children who are trained to play chess with their parents will be happy to progress and will be motivated to continue training and to recommend the chess section to their friends.

Fourth, the EduChess enters your children's center into the branches list on the website, and potential clients can choose chess training of your center depending on convenient location.

Fifth, being a professional chess center, EduChess offers various opportunities for skills development. So, chess tournaments are held every month and international camps - during vacation. All these facts will attract your audience to sign in to the classes with trainers who will prepare them for a tournament, and also will discover the chess world together with their children.

And, of course, if you have any questions we are always ready to help the children's centers and the pupils of our school.

EduChess will be glad to cooperate.

We look forward to colaboration!