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Chess lessons for children

The chess school EduChess offers chess lessons in a convenient format for you and your child.


Are you looking for an interesting hobby for your child? Developing, intellectual and useful? EduChess offers chess lessons in a convenient format for you and your child.

Chess lessons  for children

Your child likes group tasks and team work? Then you will be interested in the group format of the classes.

The professional teachers of the EduChess have a wide experience of work with children and give classes in a clear and entertaining manner. Interesting classes offer not only a chance to plunge into the world of chess, but also an opportunity to find new friends.

Living far from the city? Not willing to waste time to the journey? the group classes time and frequency don’t suit you? The teachers of the EduChess can arrive to your place, wherever it is convenient for you and give classes if you want to train at home. Besides, many pupils go out of town in the summer and want to continue chess training, to learn new and to not forget the learnt things. In that case you will be interested in one of the formats: classes at a summer residence . We will be able to choose a convenient time for you and duration of the classes. You and your child will manage to have a rest in the summer and at the same time to spend it usefully, developing logical thinking.

Also, the EduChess school offers classes per Skype. Classes online allow to save time and to study comfortably at home.

Not sure which format of classes is better for you? Our experts in EduChess will help you to choose the most comfortable and effective format of the classes.

We are waiting for you!