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Chess at a summer residence

The EduChess offers the opportunity to continue or start playing in chess in the summer


Do you want to spend warm summer days far from the city? To take pleasure in a good weather and to have a rest, without interrupting chess trainings? The EduChess offers the opportunity to continue or start playing in chess in the summer. The professional teachers of the chess school will arrive to a convenient for you place for giving classes.

Chess at a summer residence

If you playing in chess earlier, you will be able to improve your skills and to learn new directions. Besides if you or your children still have questions about some topics, you can study this material more in details. Because of school vacation and holidays you will be able to study at any time convenient for you: in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

The EduChess also invites to the classes the beginning chess players who have absolutely little experience of the chess game. Summer is a good time for a new hobby. Because you have more free time and less mental work load which could prevent your concentration.

Chess at a summer residence

The chess trainings at a summer residence with the EduChess is:

  • Convenient time and frequency of trainings
  • Possibility of training in the fresh air
  • Studying according to the individual program which considers experience, knowledge and peculiar properties of digestion of a new material
  • Cozy atmosphere and friendly attitude to each pupil

We will be glad to see you at our classes!

If you like to spend time in the city, the EduChess chess trainers will give classes for you and for your children in a place convenient for you.

Chess at a summer residence

The chess studying with the EduChess is available at all seasons of the year! If you start playing in the summer, you will learn a lot of interesting material by autumn and, perhaps, you will take part in a chess tournament!

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We are waiting for you!